YOU’RE IN IT TO GET SOMETHING – #4 REAL Reason Why You Aren’t Seeing Results From Your DIY PR and Its Solution


I once heard a woman yell “Where are they hiding ALL THE MONEY?!” I can assure you she was a MESS IN A DRESS and it was painful and hilarious all at the same time. If you ask me, it’s a pretty damn good question! And if you have the answer don’t hesitate to contact me with its longitude and latitude.

That brings me to more of the ugly feelings (like desperation and wanting) that can come up when promoting yourself and your DIY PR. Listen, we’ve ALL made like 50 million mistakes in this life that has left us all feeling like “Where the HELL is MINE?”

We ALL get it, but be careful my friend.

If you’re bringing your desperation to the table with your DIY PR and are here to GET, GET, and GET some more…you will be met with some resistance by your audience. Wait? What did I just say? Aren’t we all here to get a lot of stuff and money before we die? Sure we are!! But if you come across to your audience like a greedy Scrooge/ Grinch/ Lex Luthor type you can cue the crickets when it comes to the growth of your audience.

That’s because…

  • YOU’RE IN IT TO GET SOMETHING – If you want to turn off your audience then let them see you sweat trying to get clients, sell your product, or get validation for your project. Slow down and stop trying to sell them something… or talking about yourself… or selling some more… or pointing out your flaws…or complaining about how no one is buying your album. Stop having an open running dialogue about your fear and pain around your project to get cheap pep-talks or sympathy. Desperation is a bitch and it stinks to high heaven. No one wants to be down with that.
  • SOLUTION – Listen closely…your DIY PR is here to BRING VALUE, NOT SELL. It’s only a slight shift in perception, but it will make a HUUUUUUGE difference when talking to your audience. It will also help you choose better words and come to the table with some gratitude and generosity.

This however brings up some larger issues…ARE YOU PROVIDING VALUE? Even if you’re just starting out or not sure if that’s what you are doing, that is a damn good thing to keep in mind. The best way to be the best, is to be THE BEST. That means to hang in there with what you are doing and not give up. Even in the face of nothing happening. (That’s easy to write, but like an olympic event to pull off.)

The rule of sharing content on social media is 80% non-selling content and 20% selling content. That means that MOST of the time you aren’t pushing anything down your audience’s throat!  That changes everything. That means you have to get creative with how you’re sharing our ideas, thoughts, products, events and services.

Sharing gratitude is ALWAYS a faboosh place to start. Give hearty thanks to people who LIKE, SHARE or FOLLOW your stuff because without them you are nothing, my friend. For real. Na- da! Hook them up with nuggets of wisdom, inside scoops, and special treatment for being on your team. They deserve it because with all that wicked saturation out there they could have jumped on a million different hay rides and they chose YOURS!  Give them a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and a smile because they chose you!

Maybe you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at what you have created with your Bio and Branding? If so, please feel free to contact me at or visit my website at

This years GIVING is last years GETTING. Get with it. Got it? Good.


YOU’RE A MESS IN A DRESS – #3 REAL Reason Why You Aren’t Seeing Results From Your DIY PR and its Solution


In my last blog post YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRAGGING AND FACTS  – #2 REAL Reason Why You Aren’t Seeing Results From Your DIY PR and it’s Solution – I talked about the natural fear we have about sounding like a bag of douche and how that holds us back from talking about our true accomplishments. This debilitating problem eliminates the vital messages of our self promotion with lasting negative effects. This is death when it comes to connecting with larger opportunities and growing our audience.

Another element that’s paramount in your DIY PR is making sure your branding is consistent, clear, and user-friendly. You might have climbed a mountain of fears to get your bio on point, but if your audience can’t find it in the overgrown jungle that is your website and social media then who the hell cares? Right?

I really HOPE this isn’t your issue, but if you STILL aren’t seeing results from your DIY PR it could be that…

  • YOU’RE A MESS IN A DRESS – I don’t mean your sloppy Friday nights and shame filled Saturday mornings, I’m talking about your online visibility and branding. You might have the best new radio-friendly single, product or service, but if your social media platform, website and blog aren’t properly branded your new fans might not get the feeling of confidence that will turn them into a loyal fan.
  • SOLUTION  – Keep it simple! Chose three colors, three images and a logo that best represent the visual mission statement for your project or company. Those elements must be present on all info about you and your project/company. I know I made that sound like it’s something you can whip up in the car on the way to the beach…it isn’t, but that’s the outline for the basics.

It’s called PR – NOT ER! The beauty of the Internet is that we can easily connect with others and forge lasting relationships. If your Facebook looks different from your Twitter which looks different from your website and there’s three different wack bios on each and old contact info…then you should expect that no one will like, share or engage with you. And that my friend is an EMERGENCY and you should see it that way.

Stop trying to freak yourself out about it and getting all overly creative on 50 different platforms. Focus and be clear. The goal is to help your audience feel confidence so they freely invest their time and money in you. Once someone lands on your page and they get an uneasy feeling because of lack of branding or because they click on links that don’t work, you have lost them forever. No on ever says “I wonder if that janky website is any better? I’ll go take a second look.” Like, never ever.

Should you need a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your DIY PR branding please feel free to contact me at or stop by my website and see how else we can help you.

The “ladies” of Jersey Shore are a MESS on TV, but their brands AREN’T. Even more inspiration for us to CLEAN IT UP!

Even worse than being a Mess in a Dress is a DESPERATE Mess in a Dress. Make sure you aren’t crossing that ugly line and read my next post You’re in it to Get Something – #4 REAL Reason Why You aren’t Seeing Results from your DIY PR and its Solution.




In my last blog post –Your Bio Blows – #1 REAL Reason Why You Aren’t Seeing Results from Your DIY PR and Its Solution – I talked about how 100% of my client’s don’t lead with their best assets to create a bio that actually contributes to a kick-Ass DIY PR Strategy. Instead they let their fears take over and dilute their assets into forgettable text that goes unnoticed by what could have been a potential audience.

The feelings that come up about self-promotion are very real and debilitating with lasting negative effects. Maybe the fear of putting yourself out there as an authority makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Maybe you’ve had some “failure” and now you’re transitioning into a new career. Maybe you think that the awesome things you should lead with in your bio happened soooooo long ago that they don’t count anymore. But what I hear most is that no one wants to sound like a BRAGGY DOUCHE BAG.

I agree. That’s THE WORST thing you can do and I respect your healthy fear. The great news is that you have fear about sounding like a douche bag, which means you aren’t one!! Because douche bags don’t wonder if they sound like douche bags, they just vomit all over us with their boring braggy crap.

So, why is it so hard to know what to lead with when putting information about ourselves out there?


  • YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRAGGING AND FACTS – So many of my DIY PR clients start to get VERY fidgety when I start leading with their assets in a bio. They say “But I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging.” Then I ask “Did it happen to you?” and they say, “Well, yes…” and then I say, “Well, then it’s not bragging, it’s a FACT.” When someone brags it means they talk about something excessively. They bring it up all the time. I’ve also observed that braggarts also go on and on about the accomplishments of people they “Know” NOT things they have done themselves or can prove…listen carefully. If that’s not you, then you’re cool. If it is, check yourself before you wreck yourself because being a fake is bad for your health.
  • SOLUTION – Take a deep breath and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. For real. To state a fact of true achievement in the beginning of a bio is a beautiful message of self-worth that audiences LOVE. By saying that another entity with a larger audience than yours has collaborated, awarded or featured you is called Third- Party Credibility, something us PR folks LIVE FOR! Before someone from your audience puts their hard-earned dollar down or Likes your page, they want to know if others like it too. They want to feel comfortable they are doing the right thing and not engaging with a lunatic. If you want to bring your awesome services or project to your growing audience then you must understand that…if you can’t attract them then you can’t serve them.

This rule of school with sticking to the facts isn’t JUST for writing a bio. It’s a fantastic guideline to help take that gross feeling out of ALL self-promotion. Letting your audience know about your actual achievements are a great way to keep them posted and an even better way to improve the image of you and your brand. So the next time those pesky voices creep up and tell you “you sound cheesy” or like an “a**hole”, take minute to ask yourself… “Is this a fact? Did I really do this?” if so, then make that post…send out that newsletter…put it in your tag line.

Do us all a favor and take the lampshade off your head and join the party of success. You’re invited!

That is unless YOU’RE A MESS IN A DRESS in which case you should read my next post and save yourself some embarrassment.


YOUR BIO BLOWS – #1 REAL Reason Why You Aren’t Seeing Results From Your DIY PR


The more I coach clients in 1-on-1 DIY PR Strategy Sessions (and take them on as full-time clients), I have come to the realization that it’s not just WHAT they are doing to promote themselves, it’s the FEELINGS behind it. I have countless stories about people with MAJOR “success” (I’m talking about Emmys and covers of Rolling Stone here) and they STILL don’t put this stuff in their bio…that is if they even have one!!

And it’s probably the same with you because YOU wrote your bio.

Which brings me the to the #1 REAL reason why your DIY PR isn’t working…

  •  YOUR BIO BLOWS –I mean I’m sure it’s perfectly “fine” but it’s not serving up that WOW factor you want when a potential client, rep, or press looks at it. My experience with clients is 100% of the time they are hiding their KILLER – AWESOME – UNIQUE assets at the END of their bio or omitting them all together. Even worse is sometimes they lead with how much they have struggled to get to where they are. Save the sob story for your memoir, NOT your bio!!
  • SOLUTION Lead with the goods! This is called – creating a listening audience. Example: Say you’re at a comedy club and the emcee announces that the next comic just filmed their comedy special on HBO or Comedy Central; you would be excited to see them because it’s clear that if they were able to get the attention of such huge networks…they MUST be funny! But what if the emcee said the comic lived in a studio apt and drove a 1996 Honda Corolla? You might take that opportunity to go to the bathroom while the line is short. Truth be told, both descriptions might be true for that comic, but no one needs to know the latter! It’s all about choices.

The same goes for you!

Got a great education? Won some awards? Been nominated for an award? Landed some great press? Worked with some amazing people? Put that rad stuff right up front in the first paragraph. Even the first sentence! And keep it short. No more than 3 paragraphs of your finest achievements, current projects and how you have satisfied your audience. With the planet’s ADD no one is reading for more than 5 seconds anyway, so you need to catch your audience’s attention right away!

When I start to create bios for my client’s they usually start to squirm with the idea that they are leading with such information. They feel like they are bragging or boasting or outing themselves or setting themselves up for criticism and judgment. Honey, I feel you. But it must be done to give yourself that edge over your competition. (You might not know the difference between bragging and the facts, in which case you should read my next blog post.)

If you feel like you just don’t want to suffer through the agony of creating a super rad bio that will separate you from the crowd and make you available for larger opportunities, then contact me at and I can make one for you at a super reasonable rate.

Now get out of they way. You’re blocking your light.